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August 16, 2019

The Common Good - 8/16/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:23): Illinois legislation passes a bill requiring public schools to teach LGBTQ history. Could the push for this be politically motivated?  We talk about this Christian Headlines article by Will Maule.

(09:23-18:46): “Want to improve your life? Just learn to say no”, writes Chloe Brotheridge in The Guardian. Brian and Ian give their input on overworking and how refraining from doing so many things can benefit you.

(18:46-28:06): Brian shares an experience he had at Panera. He described two different meetings he overheard. One of the meetings was a pastor sitting down with someone from his congregation. It made him think, when was the last time he sat down with an older member of his church?

(28:06-37:03): What is The Truth about Discussing Your Salary? We discuss this article by Catherine Conlan on how talking about how much you make with other co-workers not only legal, but could be beneficial. 

(37:03-46:55): “The Silence of the American Church Is Deafening,” writes Susan Wright in Patheos. Brian thinks that the idea of silence is a straw-man argument, Ian does not. He think the church could do more. 

(46:55-57:43): Chad Ragsdale joins us to talk about discipleship and theology in the digital age. He talks about how technology has changed what it means to be human. If tech is changing us, Christians have an imperative to think well about technology. In other words, how can Christians make use of it for the mission?

(57:43-1:07:59): “'I Have Had Sex ... And Jesus Still Loves Me': 'Bachelorette' Stands Firm In Her Faith” says the Bachelorette Hannah Brown. Lulu Garcia-Navarro writes this piece telling of the horrors and things she has faced both in her church in her life because of her sexual experiences.

(1:07:59-1:14:52): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Texting is unlimited now right? Plus, emu’s are running rancid in Canada. English cats are certainly lucky, and Florida is not light on ridiculous and violent people. Meanwhile, Coca-Cola is breaking some basic ground.

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The Common Good

August 15, 2019

The Common Good - 8/15/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-10:03): Skillet frontman John Cooper reacts to all of the prominent believers leaving the faith. He makes remarks how young Christian leaders are at risk of burning out or becoming overwhelmed. Brian and Ian read it for what it is, and respond to Cooper’s comments.

(10:03-19:04): Influencer, celebrity, journalist? Teens are turning to YouTube for news, survey shows. The article seems to discredit these sources as unreliable. Brian and Ian discuss the power of media and how to be mindful of misinformation.

(19:04-28:13): Ian tweeted “Don’t fight to win the argument, fight to win the relationship”. He and Brian discuss this premise and fighting with spouses. However, they ended up talking about Brian’s first (and second) fight. 

(28:13-37:16): “Men, it’s time to step up,” writes JD Greear. This provocative piece calls out the modern man and urges them to do more than just “provide” for their families. Brian and Ian touch on this. 

(37:16-48:27): Ken Cucinelli, the acting director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, offering a rewrite of the famous Emma Lazarus poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. Ian responds with the WORD OF GOD: Isaiah 53.

(48:27-57:39): Are 'Thoughts and Prayers' a 'Cruel Joke'? This article is in response to Dana Milbank’s “Republican’s Thoughts and Prayers’ are a Cruel Joke”. He agrees about the lack actions, but defends the power of prayer. 

(57:39-1:06:46): “7 Questions All Pastors Need to Ask Themselves Post-Hybels,” writes Rich Villodas. What did we learn from the Willow situation? Brian and Ian reflect as pastors with the seven ways Villodas lists. 

(1:06:46-1:12:57): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Shark bait HOO HAHA. Guns and alcohol do not mix, while irony and alcohol make for good stories. Meanwhile, Florida man is a master of disguise, and the Florida public school curriculum took “religious tolerance” a bit too far.

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August 14, 2019

The Common Good - 8/14/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:57): According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump, in just over 900 days, has spoken over 12,000 inaccuracies. Brian and Ian touch on this and talk about inflammatory things spoken both by and ABOUT the president. 

(09:57-19:23): What does Jesus’ actions and words say about violence? We touched on the various moments in Jesus’ ministry years where he succumbed to violence and let it happen. Should we behave the same way, or is violence sometimes the answer? 

(19:23-28:32): Burger King is selling the “Impossible Whopper” made without any meat. Brian and Ian cringed at the thought of it, but Televangelist Rick Wiles thinks there is something even darker behind the meatless patty.

(28:32-37:30): Boy chooses to wear ‘I will be your friend’ shirt for first day of elementary school. He had the choice of any shirt, and he chose this one. We touch on the power of kindness and how this act turned out to be more contagious than expected. 

(37:30-48:07): Shame, The Image Of God, And Gaining Freedom To Love. Scott Sauls writes about how we have nothing to be ashamed of because Jesus took on the shame of the world. We have nothing to be ashamed of anymore, we are equal, we are children of God. 

(48:07-58:47): Allie Casazza writes “Why I Let My Kids Feel the Weight of the World”. This compelling piece describes how parents ought to instill the responsibility of changing the world on children. Brian and Ian touch on this and reflect as parents how they try to do the same. 

(58:47-1:09:08): While it is important to apologize for doing someone wrong, there is more to redemption kids ought to know. Brian and Ian touch on this article by Michelle Woo on what else kids could do besides “say sorry”. 

(1:09:08-1:15:50): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Video killed...absolutely nothing, but is leaving TV’s for people. I’m not going to say it was aliens, but Bernie certainly will. If you enter a cafe and there are insects on your plate...Amazon Alexa is now a viable weapon. Meanwhile, with rising gas prices, folks are resorting to...FRYING...their engines.

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August 13, 2019

The Common Good - 8/13/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:35): Sarah Silverman says she was fired from a movie for an old blackface sketch. Brian and Ian discuss cancel culture and how forgiveness of public figures, past and present, when they make mistakes.

(09:35-18:57): Conservative Christians have a porn problem, studies show, but not the one you think. Are we making up statistics regarding Christian porn users? Why would we do that? Brian and Ian think it more has to do with lack of proper statistics.

(18:57-28:20): Ed Stetzer writes: “The Great Century of Missions Ended Over a Century Ago: Will Our Age Be the Great Century of Omission?” We discuss whether or not our call to mission has left the modern Christian practice.

(28:20-37:25): Man attacked 13-year-old in Montana because he was ‘disrespecting the national anthem,’ witness says. Brian and Ian discuss the heinous nature of this story and chew on how the rhetoric of today’s conservative culture can be damaging. 

(37:25-47:19): Nurse adopts baby girl after parents didn't visit for 5 months; judge calls it 'destiny'. We love these kinds of stories, even though there is a sad beginning. What are we doing to make differences in people’s lives?

(47:19-57:42): Chase Replogle writes “Bonhoeffer Convinced Me to Abandon My Dream”. As pastors, Brian and Ian talk about visionary thinking and dreaming big about church development. Brian is a church planter and thinks 

(57:42-1:08:08): 6-year-old uses lemonade money to take Mom on date after Dad dies. Talk about a tear jerker, Brian and Ian talk about the wonderful heart of this child to want to take care of his mom in his dad’s absence. 

(1:08:08-1:15:01): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Teenage Russian Mutant Vodka! Don’t let that distract you from the healing powers of Coca-Cola, and that Santa has gone off the deep end. Meanwhile, faux-vocados are entering the market while Floridians push for the right to bear grenades.

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August 12, 2019

The Common Good - 8/12/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:33): Jeffery Epstein's apparent suicide is fueling rumors and questions. Brian and Ian touch on the seemingly timely news of Epstien’s death. Was he going to oust significant people of the world? They also think this is a testament to the human condition.

(09:33-19:03): Preaching Against Racism Is Not a Distraction from the Gospel. Esau McCaulley writes in Cristianity Today. Preaching against racism not only isn’t a distraction from the Gospel, but it is also essential to it. 

(19:03-28:21): What did we preach? Brian and Ian summarize with what they preached on Sunday. Brian did not preach, so Ian took the reigns. He’s teaching off of an acronym: B.L.E.S.S. - Begin with prayer, Listen, Eat, Serve, Story, and began with “Begin with prayer”. He touched on the importance of beginning every day with prayer and giving it all to God.

(28:21-37:20): Christians Are Conflicted on Whether They Need Other Believers to Develop Their Faith, Survey Finds. Brian and Ian discuss how they view small groups and how important it actually is to gather and fellowship as Christians. 

(37:20-48:22): Hillsong Songwriter Marty Sampson Says He’s Losing His Christian Faith. Brian and Ian talk about the condition of the modern Christian and the risk of losing sight of what really matters when it comes to faith. Do we remain faithful even though God seems distant?

(48:22-59:10): Of the 27 Deadliest Mass Shooters, 26 of Them Had One Thing in Common: No fathers. Brian and Ian discuss how the lack of fathers can cause a spiral of acting out. The way they view fatherhood is the same way God loves us: unconditionally. 

(59:10-1:09:25): Let's Stop Stealing Time from Children. Brian and Ian go over 5 ways to stop stealing time, and allowing kids to spend time being kids. They touch on sending kids to school too early, Montessori schools, and more. 

(1:09:25-1:15:53): Brian and Ian’s: “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Things are getting greasy in Alabama while Florida women are losing their teeth over home intruders. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo...ribs? Pizza places are now offering emergency pizza, and bears drink Kool-Aid.

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August 9, 2019

The Common Good - 8/9/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:36): Dr. Marsha Vaughn from Judson University joins Ian for the hour to talk about her history with social work and counseling. She briefly goes into her family history growing up in Tennessee.

(09:36-18:50): Marsha takes a deep dive into trauma education with Ian and discusses ways to slow children’s brains down in order to learn. The environment that kids learn in today is too stimulating and restricts them from obtaining information for the long-term.

(18:50-28:48): Dr. Vaughn talks about censoring and the fearlessness of being wrong. It is important to enter conversations and go about life with a sense of humility and willingness to unlearn things. 

(28:48-37:59): Marsha closes out the hour briefly touching on the Willow Creek situation. It is her home church, she can’t just leave the congregation she’s come to know and love. She says one of the things she has learned from the situation is that keeping Christ and fellowship at the center of church is most important. 

(37:59-47:01): George Koch, author of “What We Believe and Why” joins Ian for the second half to talk about New Jerusalem House of Prayer, the first Messianic Anglican Congregation in the United States, where he is a pastor. He describes “Messianic Anglican” as a bridge built between the different theological bases. Scripture reference: John 17.

(47:01-56:13): George was a member of the NAACP, and it wasn’t, at all, what he expected it to be. After spending time with other members, he came to realize that the only difference between he and them was the color of their skin. 

(56:13-1:05:34): George talks about how Jesus simplified what the commandments are. People approached Jesus and asked him what the greatest commandment was, His response was “Love the Lord your God” and second is “Love others as yourself”. Love is the foundation of everything.

(1:05:34-1:14:51): George closes out the hour talking about the first fruits (Shabbat). Jesus rose from the dead on the day of first fruits, making him the first fruit from the dead, and the birth of the church is on the second harvest, otherwise known as PENTECOST; Scripture reference: Matthew 26. He discusses “The Bait of Satan” which talks about how allowing oneself to be offended is how Satan pulls you into his grasp.

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The Common Good

August 8, 2019

The Common Good - 8/8/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:19): Austin Massey, co-owner of Viator Coffee Cart, joins the show for the hour. He discusses his background and journey to operating a coffee cart. He ties in the readings of Paul and how serving others is what Christ calls us to do. 

(09:19-19:49): Austin discusses the difficulties in deciding to open his own business. He thought he had an investor on the line, but he backed out because it was “too high risk”. With a wife and child to support, he went to the Lord. Was it in his timing?

(19:49-28:45): Austin touches on his band “Flocks and the Lookout”, of whom he was in with his wife. Ian is raving about it. He also talks about the point when it was time to take a risk, make a decision and take action. He made sure his family was taken care of, knew where his paychecks were coming from, etc. 

(28:45-38:09): Austin closes out the hour to talk worship and the ministry he does through his church, Arising Church. He also talks about how his journey to owning a business inspired random investors around him to contribute to it. 

(38:09-47:29): Shannon Wentz joins Ian for the second half of the show with her son, Luke. She has been involved with World Relief. She says she got involved after watching a movie that tugged at her heart strings, of all things. World Relief’s mission is to empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable.

(47:29-57:26): The Wentz crew sticks around to talk more about World Relief. Luke chimes in and talks about Vision Trust and the missions trips he has gone on with them. 

(57:26-1:07:18): Shannon talks about the efforts being made to provide refuge for the displaced people of the world. She discusses Matthew Soerens and his in-depth books “Welcoming the Stranger” and “Seeking Refuge”. There are also efforts being made in legislation as recently as August 5th, with this letter signed by 18 US Senators. 

(1:07:18-1:17:27): Shannon and Luke close out the show with Ian. She emphasizes how the people she works with are more than just stats. She shares stories of some refugees that she says put everything into perspective. Luke compares Ian to a Marvel superhero.

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The Common Good

August 7, 2019

The Common Good - 8/8/2019 12:00:00 AM

We compiled a few of our favorite moments from the last few months. Enjoy!

(00:00-11:01): President Trump made some remarks about Baltimore being a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess”. The tweets were targeted at Rep. Elijah Cummings and Brian and Ian touch on the nature of these tweets.

(11:01-21:12): Scott Sauls writes “Toward a Truer Christianity…Abandoning Us-Against-Them”. Brian and Ian discuss this compelling piece about nurturing environments in which people can openly disagree…but without the fear of being caricatured, labeled, or demonized.

(21:12-30:12): Steve Zhou writes “What Psychology Offers Christians Amid Political Polarization” in Christianity Today. Brian and Ian discuss the premise of being politically homeless and how tensions have risen within the church when it comes to political preference. 

(30:12-39:15): My church came together to pay off everyone’s debt. This congregation took the idea of community and put it to practice. Brian and Ian discuss the details behind this article and express how amazing the creativity of this church is. 

(39:25-48:25): What do you do with a crappy pastor? Do you get rid of them, pray for them, both? Brian and Ian touch on this tongue-in-cheek article from David L Hansen. It touches, in a humorous way, the manner of which a congregation ought to encourage and build up their leaders even if it seems hopeless.

(48:25-59:05): Editor and Chief of Christianity Today Mark Galli joins the show to discuss his essay series titled “The Elusive Presence”. He hits on the points of reanalyzing American Christianity and what our purpose in the world is. What is the mission and purpose of the Christian?

(59:05-1:08:52): Mark sticks around for another segment to discuss his thoughts on the future of Christianity and how he is hopeful of its future. Whether that takes a decade, or a century, he believes Christianity will prevail. 

(1:08:52-1:19:38): Mark stays for yet another few minutes to talk about his new article “The Temptations of Evangelical Worship”. The article touches on how modern worship seems to stray away from the commandments. “It is not about manufacturing positive religious feelings”

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The Common Good

August 6, 2019

The Common Good - 8/6/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00:09:31): Tom Hanks has been married to Rita Wilson for 31 years. How do they keep the connection alive? He gives us 6 tips to a good marriage, and Brian and Ian weigh in on them and reflect on their relationships with their spouses. 

(09:31-18:37): Want to be happier? How about talking to a random stranger. Ian makes it a point to strike up a conversation in the short elevator ride up to and down from the station. We touch on why sharing a smile with someone can brighten both yours and others’ days. 

(18:37-28:14): Christiano Ronaldo makes a ton of money on Instagram by endorsing products and other things in his posts. Brian and Ian relate the popularity of celebrities on social media to how churches can reach out to the youth of the community. 

(28:14-37:11): Many would say, including Brian and Ian, that the most important things in family and life are the small things. Psychology Today writes, Parenting 101: Love Is in the Details. 

(37:11-47:34): The nation is still feeling the aftershock of the El Paso and Dayton shootings, and there have been a whirlwind of opinions circulating in media. Politicians, personalities, and celebrities continue to react. Most importantly, families still hurt, innocent people are dead, what are we doing to empathize?

(47:34-58:07): Brené Brown writes “Dehumanizing Always Starts With Language”. Brian and Ian touch on this article and weigh in on the narrative of society, and those who are leaders in society. Whether that be the president, or your next door neighbor, offensive and dehumanizing language should make your skin crawl. 

(58:07-1:08:51): Have Bible Quoters Replaced Bible Readers? Brian and Ian touch on scripture being too watered down and taken out of context. The Bible ought to be nurtured and exercised in our devotional lives, not quoted briefly. 

(1:08:51-1:15:34): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Scottish pilots swear to drunk they aren’t God, and Scooby and his friends solve the mystery of the worst disguise in prison history. The mail service is fragile, even a yorkie can bring it to a screeching halt, and gas stations are all owned by a bunch of snakes! Meanwhile, the hamburglar comes clean.

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The Common Good

August 5, 2019

The Common Good - 8/5/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-10:08): We regretfully must cover and discuss the incidences in El Paso and Dayton from over the weekend. Brian and Ian take time to listen to a pastor’s response to the shootings and weighs in on what we are doing about it as Christians and as a nation. 

(10:08-19:55): NYC pastor accused of stealing $631K from charities to pay for vacations, bar tabs. Brian and Ian touch on greed and the disease of hypocrisy in the church. 

(19:55-30:14): Many of you responded to our Facebook post referencing a Jon Acuff Tweet. It touched on Christians owning a $75,000 family SUV versus a $75,000 BMW. We talk about the responses in the comments and respond to it ourselves. 

(30:14-38:14): What did we preach? Brian and Ian unpack what they spoke on on Sunday. Brian is going through John. Is John preaching perfectionism? Brian thinks it isn’t HOW we should be, it should be how we STRIVE to be. Ian started a new series called “How to Bless Your Neighbor”.

(38:14-48:44): Steve Carter posted a blog responding to the latest statement from the new elders of Willow Creek. Brian and Ian read through this brief synopsis of the changing of the Willow guard as well as his reaction to the new elders’ decision to “side-stepped” the women affected by the church’s indecency. 

(48:14-58:35): Writer Catherine McNiel joins us in studio to talk about her new book “All Shall Be Well”, available tomorrow. Book bio: God made this world of light and darkness, summer and winter, life and death. What does he intend to teach us in these ever-repeating cycles and seasons? Seamlessly weaving biblical truths into everyday life. God meets and transforms you in the mess and abundance of every mundane moment.

(58:35-1:09:00): Catherine sticks around to touch on special revelation and the hope of Christ’s movement around us. She also connects gardening to hope, new seasons bring new life, just like new seasons of hope in Christ bring new revelation in the lives of those around us. 

(1:09:00-1:15:07): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Florida mistakened someone's home for a locker room, and apparently cougars don’t like Metallica. Bruce Wayne goes bankrupt and is now forced to fly Spirit Airlines, and Roundup comes up with a better solution than poisoning yards. Meanwhile, there’s a mutant family in Australia.

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The Common Good

August 2, 2019

The Common Good - 8/2/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:35): Dan Ehrman is here THE WHOLE TIME to help carry the show. They dive right into a sarcastic story: A-listers flock to Google summit in private jets, mega yachts to talk climate change. Is the aspect of hypocrisy in politics more obvious than the public figures think?

(09:35-18:58): Mr. Rogers’ career spanned almost half a century and impacted the children of America with his unwavering kindness and simple life lessons. Brian and Dan talk about the resurgence of love for Rogers and why it resonates in this age of anger.

(18:58-28:01): Christian artist Aaron Shust joins the show to talk about his current projects. He is best known for his hits “My Hope is in You” and “Ever Be”. He will be at Trinity Lutheran Church in Tinley Park on September 27th. He says it will be a stripped down, acoustic style setup but feature all new songs. Tickets are available here.

(28:01-37:00): This woman thinks that childless millennials should be banned from Disney World. However, Brian and Dan both resonate with the nostalgia and the Disney magic and can see how, in this day and age, young adults flock to the theme park to relive childhood memories. 

(37:00-47:39): Ted Olson writes “Remembering Rob Moll: Our friend and coworker had joyfully prepared for his tragic death” This Christianity Today post touches on the tough topic of not fearing death and how the ultimate prize is the Lord and eternal salvation. Brian and Dan reflect on this.  

(47:39-58:15): Reverend Wesley King joins the show to talk about the Global Leadership Summit. Attendance at the Willow Creek campus provides the energy of an expected 9,300 attendees experiencing programing and most of the faculty in person surrounded by leaders from 120+ countries. The Summit is August 8-9.

(58:15-1:08:31): Dan and Brian dive back into the issues surrounding Willow Creek. As a Willow satellite attendee, Dan weighs in on how the church is recovering and how the center of the church isn’t people, it is Christ. 

(1:08:31-1:14:49): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Florida housing market goes up in flames, while pub-goers decide to take gas to go. Mrs. Doubtfire resurges and breaks into a Tennessee woman’s home, and Cookie Monster is not doing well post Sesame Street. Meanwhile, Bigfoot remains hidden because people keep shooting at him.

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The Common Good

August 1, 2019

The Common Good - 8/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:41): Ian is out, so we dip into the bullpen of our friends in the faith. Today, Ashley Herr, Pastor of Redemption Bible Church, joins Brian and tell his story to church leadership. He was working for Motorola until 2009 when he left to start his own church.

(09:41-19:09): Redemption bible church is a newer congregation and Ashley tries to branch out into those who attend the church to speak. There have been several attendees preach and teach for the first time. The Redemption statement of faith is available Here

(19:09-29:21): Ashley talks about the current state of the Evangelical church in Chicagoland. His church is located in Mount Prospect, in close proximity to Harvest Rolling Meadows, so they felt some aftershocks of the situation.

(29:21-37:33): How do we finish well? Pastor Ashley Herr closes out the hour to share his ideas with maintaining positivity and faith in carnage. He gives accolades to the elders of his church and his wife keeping tabs and checking in on him.

(37:33-47:41): Schools in South Dakota are putting up mandated “In God We Trust” signs in their buildings. Brian touches on the implications of imposing religious ideology in public spaces. 

(47:41-58:10): Brian covers a Christianity Today article highlighting the grueling work-ethic of some pastors. As a pastor, he reflects on feeling useless when on sabbatical and how coming back to work early is more tempting than it may seem. 

(58:10-1:07:57): Ellen Shubart, author of “What’s With Chicago?” joins Brian to discuss her love of the city of Chicago and some quirky facts of the Windy City. Brian, not being from Chicago, asks some controversial questions involving Ketchup and Mrs. O’Leary’s cow. 

(1:07:57-1:14:31): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Amazon is now shipping directly from the Amazon, and you never know what you’ll find at Goodwill. It isn’t a good when Weird Al’s “I’ll Sue Ya” is more plausible that not, and artists are now partnering with the DOT. Meanwhile, new safety measures in aircraft require flight attendants to ride in the luggage compartment. 

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The Common Good

July 31, 2019

The Common Good - 7/31/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:30): Mike Klamecki, Pastor of New Hope Community Church in Villa Park, joins the show for the hour. He tells us his background with leading a church and his journey into it. 

(09:30-19:04): The miracle of room 7. Mike tells us the story of a near-death experience. His heart stopped during a movie and laid in a coma for 3 days. He came through after the third day, speaking normal, and recovered. 

(19:04-28:53): Mike shares the story of his daughter going missing 15 years ago. Miraculously, she was found alive after she wandered into the search camp who was assigned to look for her. He gives glory to God for keeping her safe. 

(28:53-38:56): Mike closes out the hour answering Brian’s question: are you encouraged about the future of American Chrstianity? He answers with concern, but says he can’t help but he encouraged as long as Christ is at the center. 

(38:56-49:27): The unfortunate story of Josh Harris continues with this Patheos blog post, “Farewell Joshua Harris”. Brian talks about how Harris denounced his faith, and warns us about who we look up to. Look up to those you know and know their character.

(49:27-59:41): We are late to the game, but July is National Pickle Month! We had Ben Gullett of McClure’s Pickles call in to give us the scoop on pickles and all pickle related things. Where did they come from? Are there health benefits? Etc. 

(59:41-1:10:29): Boomers, Take It from Woody or Iron Man: It’s Time to Pass the Torch. Kutter Callaway in Christianity Today writes about transferring knowledge from generation to generation. Brian discusses the importance of passing down mentorship and leading by example. 

(1:10:29-1:17:05): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Apparently the San Francisco police department are as petty as ever, and we are tired of these mother-lovin’ snakes in this mother-lovin’ hotel room. Touch screen stoves are a bad idea, and so is dropping joints in Canada. Meanwhile, apparently water in Michigan has a freezing point up to 1000 degrees.

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The Common Good

July 30, 2019

The Common Good - 7/30/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:41): The Federal government reinstated the death penalty and already has a few people scheduled to die. Brian and Ian express their disagreement with the death penalty and connect it with being pro-life.

(09:41-18:51): How are we raising children in the faith? Brian and Ian touch on this article from Christian Today How we build 'resilient faith' in children - and how we don't.  

(18:51-27:55): We’ve all seen the gender reveal trend, but the mom who initially started it regrets it because “gender is not the most important thing”. Brian and Ian share what they think about gender identity and why it IS important. 

(27:55-37:03): We are more connected than ever before with social media and mass broadband. This causes an interesting effect with accountability. Brian and Ian discuss this article talking about how we are more conscious of our actions on social media. 

(37:03-47:46): Did your parents ever ask you to get off of your video games and go outside? Well, that may have cost you $3 million. Brian and Ian discuss the Fortnite World Cup and the teen who made bank!

(47:46-58:09): We may not be science geniuses, but we can play one on the radio. Brian and Ian touch on an article titled “Mouse Study Shows Brain Science Behind Giving Up”. 

(58:09-1:08:17): Why did one mom choose to foster migrant children? We discuss this NPR article and the amazing story behind “Christi” a woman who has fostered dozens of migrant children over the last few years. 

(1:08:17-1:15:04): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: South Africa’s aquatic car industry is booming, while things at a block party get pretty dicy. India glorifies cows so much that they are allowed to enroll in college courses, and Kuwait’s tourism industry offers some major perks. Meanwhile, surfer broh gets bitted after getting pitted from a gnarly wave, broh.

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The Common Good

July 29, 2019

The Common Good - 7/29/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:42): This Controversial Church Sign Caused a Congregation Walkout. The sign says “America: Love it or leave it” and all but a select few congregants left the building in response. Brian and Ian talk about the dangers with associating politics and Christianity (again).

(09:42-19:42): A controversial hashtag was trending over the weekend. “#ChristianPrivilege” was circulating Twitter over the weekend. Brian and Ian touch on this premise of “Privilege” and also talk about why Christians are, for the majority, not privileged; rather they are one of the most persecuted people groups on the planet.

(19:42-28:38): What did we preach? Brian and Ian sum up their sermons from Sunday. Brian touched on 1 John 1:5 “God is light” in which God is the promise of hope. Ian touched on “It’s ok not to be ok, but don’t go it alone.”

(28:38-37:39): Does faith equal certainty? Brian and Ian don’t think so and talk about 9 reasons why this isn’t the case. They touch on what the definition of faith is and why uncertainty only perfects our reliance on Jesus. 

(37:39-48:55): President Trump made some remarks about Baltimore being a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess”. The tweets were targeted at Rep. Elijah Cummings and Brian and Ian touch on the nature of these tweets.

(48:55-59:29): Ian recalls a friend of his from Kenya, who is a resident of the Church plant from Community Christian Church, express an observation of American Christians. Brian and Ian touch on perspectives and the vernacular of Christians here as opposed to across the world. 

(59:29-1:09:45): People who swear more are better friends. Brian and Ian discuss why or why not swearing is bad or inappropriate. They also touch on the difference between cussing and cursing. Can mockery contain seemingly innocent words?

(1:09:45-1:15:59): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: If you need a getaway driver, use a friend, not a company, ya dingus. Pennywise takes a vacation while the rest of the world should take cover. Hey, when fixing your car: if it works, it works. Meanwhile, Amazon now delivers cakes, but without boxes.

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The Common Good

July 26, 2019

The Common Good - 7/26/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-08:44): Griffin Sonntag, Principal of Pleasantdale Middle School, joins the show to talk with Brian. He talks about his background and how his journey led him to his job.

(08:44-17:54): Griffin sticks around to discuss his views and outlook on the kids he oversees. He believes there is hope for the youth of America and prays that the parents whose kids attend his school are setting an upstanding example for them. He also talks about what he most hopeful about the next generation.

(17:54-27:18): Speaking of parents, there is an ongoing issue of “helicopter parents” and how they are overbearing and stifle their children’s growth and independence. Griffin and Brian give their input and feedback as parents.  

(27:18-36:13): Griffin closes out the hour with his outlook on future education. He talks about how we need to start moving towards the creation of content with kids, rather than just imitation. He also discusses the implications of leading a public school as a Christian. 

(36:13-46:32): Brian continues on solo and discusses unfortunate news about running back Adrian Peterson. Peterson is in debt and made poor financial decisions. We discuss the love of money and how that can destroy people. 

(46:32-56:31): Max Lucado Shares Three Steps to Loving One Another despite Political Division. It is as simple as loving others as yourself and upholding your duty in democracy. Is it possible to be compassionate for people while being politically divided?

(56:31-1:06:25): Brian got an oil change, but what does that have to do with Christianity? He makes an interesting connection between getting rid of the sludge in our cars and getting rid of the sludge in our spiritual lives. What is the sludge that we need to filter out on a daily basis?

(1:06:25-1:13:15): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Florida man makes a naked appearance on today’s show, and salvaging a bell seems to be the only interesting thing out of Connecticut. Indiana has seen the only known case of a full set of teeth transplant, and don’t eat the food you are delivering...seriously. Meanwhile, a South Dakota family took desperate measures to rid their house of a spider.

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The Common Good

July 25, 2019

The Common Good - 7/25/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:30): Director of Strategic Partnerships Dan Ehrman joins the show to discuss his role at Salem Media Chicago. He also discusses the show he hosts on AM1160 called “Leading the Church”, in which he talks with pastors and church leaders in the Chicago-land area. 

(09:30-18:51): Dan and Brian dive deeper into the contents of “Leading the Church”. He speaks with pastors from all denominations and backgrounds, both in the city of Chicago and the suburbs. He is encouraged by the tight-knit community of church leaders in the area and sees a resurgence of the trust in the church in the future. 

(18:51-27:44): Continuing off the point on the future of the church in Chicago, Dan believes that the way to regain trust in the community is to continue being transparent and working together. It will take time to heal after a season of scandal, but we have no option but to move on. 

(27:44-37:17): 1160 Hope For Your Life hosts a couple events every year and the biggest one is Life Conference. Dan helps direct the development of the event and says that this year’s will be the biggest one yet. He hopes it will accelerate and build community among believers and listeners of the station. 

(37:17-47:43): Brian continues the show solo (with a little help from John) and touches on an interesting story out of Northwestern University. Coach Pat Fitzgerald says that the reason attendance for football games is decreasing is because of...cell phones. Brian touches on this and agrees...soft of. 

(47:43-57:49): Husband of Christian Blogger and Father of 6 Dies in Beach Accident. Brian discusses this tragic story and the fragility of life. 

(57:49-1:07:32): Also in sports, Tom Brady is under fire after a video of him and his daughter jumping off a cliff made some of his followers angry. Brian had some choice words for the so-called “online parents”.

(1:07:32-1:14:10): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: We are examining some ‘poultrygeist’ activity, and Kentucky has its fair share of wear and tear. A roid raged lamb remains silent and seagulls prey on chihuahuas. Meanwhile, environmentalists in Indonesia got it all backwards. 

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The Common Good

July 24, 2019

The Common Good - 7/24/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:45): Fulani killings of Nigerian Christians meets standard for 'genocide,’ Jubilee Campaign says. The Christian Post published this feature telling the gruesome reality of martyrdom of Christians in remote parts of the world. 

(09:45-19:32): GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM! This narrative is dangerous and extremely offensive. However, when someone is falsely accused of saying it, we do not progress as a society; and can be even more dangerous. Brian and Ian touch on this story. 

(19:32-28:54): What is cancel culture? Brian and Ian talk about the phenomenon that seems to erase certain public figures and celebrities after egregious behavior. Have we as a society grown less forgiving of mistakes?  

(28:54-37:57): Thabiti Anyabwile writes in The Gospel Coalition “Errata: An Apology to Some Evangelicals”. He is concerned with the current condition and future of the Evangelical church. Brian and Ian respond to this. 

(37:57-48:06): Principal Retires after Controversy over Teacher Showing Pro-Life Video. Brian is riding solo in the second half of the show and responds to this with some apprehension. Is there a time and place to defend the pro-life movement and efforts?

(48:06-58:17): Willow Creek Wheaton Lead Pastor Resigns, Citing Intense “Drive” That Hurt Staff. 1160’s own Julie Roys writes on this and provides Pastor Reece Whitehead’s statement. Brian responds as a pastor and discusses a certain statement Whitehead said about being “results driven”.

(58:17-1:08:38): Rather unsurprisingly, kids in America would rather be a famous YouTube star than an astronaut. Brian and John touch on this and how our overly stimulated society is obsessed with fame and the desire to be liked by everyone. 

(1:08:38-1:15:44): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: This lady wants to swing with a chandelier and smokey the bear is more of a literal term. What is “irony” in spanish? Meanwhile, let’s get petty about international chocolate, and apparently marriage is a loose term.

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The Common Good

July 23, 2019

The Common Good - 7/23/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:20): 13,400 of Chicago’s Homeless Had Jobs in 2017, 18,000 Had a College Education. This article from The Mind Unleashed reveals the demographics of homelessness. They aren’t all jobless, they aren’t all uneducated. What is our view of the homeless? 

(09:20-18:37): How can Microexpressions Make Moods Contagious? When others yawn around us, we tend to yawn in response. In the same way, moods and emotions can be contracted from microexpressions on our faces. Brian and Ian touch on this and how we should get better at reading people.

(18:37-27:48): A 3-year-old gave her mom a 25-word master class on what forgiveness really means. The little girl told her mother that she forgave her and doesn’t want her heart to have a tummy ache. Brian and Ian talk about the purpose and power of forgiveness. Who is it for?

(27:48-36:53): Why So Many Christians Want to Go On Mission Trips to Help Kids But Don’t Want Them Here. Mission trips are a way to sacrifice your time and resources for the sake of helping others, but what happens when you come home from serving abroad? Brian and Ian talk about this Relevant article. 

(36:53-47:22): Oregon approves ‘mental health days’ for students. Additionally to sick days, students can now ask for mental health days. Brian and Ian touch on the topic of mental issues and stress, and how it affects kids in school. Will this bill help?

(47:22-57:25): We are connected more now than ever before with the revolution of social media and mobile broadband. Brian and Ian touch on the dangers of excessive media use and exposure and talk about How to Use Social Media Wisely and Mindfully.

(57:25-1:07:28): Is creating art a life skill? Brian and Ian share their thoughts on being creative and whether or not it matters if what we create is good. 

(1:07:28-1:13:50): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: “No shoes, no shirt, no service” is apparently not a rule at this coffee shop. Texas…’nuff said. An animal shelter is trying a sales tactic that is “out of this world”, and Canada doesn’t complain about much - except ice cream trucks. Meanwhile, Utah burglars are a bunch of turkeys.

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The Common Good

July 22, 2019

The Common Good - 7/22/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:17): An Iowa man, who only owned two pairs of jeans and a rusty truck, pays for 33 of students’ college tuition. Brian and Ian discuss the power of giving and how the world needs more people like this. 

(09:17-18:36): Great Churches Don’t Give People (Including Pastors) What They Want. Karl Vaters in Christianity Today writes about what the church needs. What does Jesus want for the church? Do our desires align with Christ?

(18:36-28:12): What did we preach? Brian and Ian discuss what they spoke on in their sermons yesterday. Ian is continuing his series “The World’s Gone Mad” and yesterday he preached on the “Mad at them” premise. How do we converse with those who oppose us? Brian discussed unity in the church and says the most important community we can have is with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  

(28:12-37:11): The new president and CEO of Christianity Today Timothy Dalrymple wrote an article titled “On Court Prophets and Wilderness Prophets”. Brian and Ian discuss the reaction and responses of Christians to President Trump. How are we supposed to reason with each other on different political standpoints. 

(37:11-47:29): Author and Pastor Joshua Harris is separating from his wife. He is best known for his book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”. Brian and Ian touch on the tough topic of purity culture and how dating is essential to understanding and preparing for marriage. 

(47:29-57:36): We all know someone who suffers from depression, but the signs are not always obvious. Brian and Ian touch on 15 signs that someone has concealed depression. We urge those who are going through this to get help and also for you to reach out to those who suffer. 

(57:36-1:07:28): David Jeremiah warns modern church is entertainment-driven social organization afraid of controversy. Brian and Ian discuss this article from The Christian Post and the idea and potential strawman of rejecting entertainment in the church.

(1:07:28-1:13:29): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: People in Florida take pizza VERY seriously and a Minnesota boy knows how to live. Why would you ever call your child a lizard, and why don’t airplanes have outdoor seating? Meanwhile, birds aren’t real.

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